Executive Summary

Executive Summary
Our company is driven by the desire to deliver materials of development quality and style.

To that end, we travel the globe to create our designs that exceed your expectations.
We work closely with leading designers and manufacturers to bring you exclusively licensed

collections that covera wide range of fibers, weaves, designs, sizes, colors and price points.

One part of our group is professional finding good building and component material sources

from anywhere up to date technology modern designs.

In just a few short years, AC2N Co., Ltd has emerged as a leading supplier to many of

the nation’s top retailers. Our pride in this growth is surpassed by our priority to treat each

customer  like family.

We believe in providing exceptional customer service and support that belief with an

extraordinary distribution system and top-notch team dedicated to bringing you what you

need &when you need it.

From building exterior, interior, trading onwards, nowadays our vision is to expand

exhibition designs all one stop complete sets. Increasing 70 percent of Sales performance if

compare with  2010.

Totally turnover are 73,000,000 Thai BAHT showing on financial statement. We guarantee

under prestige award “The Best of The Year 2006-2009” with elegance brand such MOGEN,

STARMARK, etc. Today, our team prompts to serve all customers under slogan